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♥ Hello and Welcome my Followers . . I love my mum and my dad .What its mine , its mine . Farah Ain nama fake aku or my real name is Nur Farahin Binti Ahmad Fauzi , Now i'm sweet 20 , Love to write love to read . Anak manja \ Anak Abah \ Anak Mama . Aku sayang apa yang milik aku . Faham ?

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Sunday, June 16, 2013• Heartbeat {0}
Assalamualaikum semua . long time not update my blog . well imma really busy right now . btw  imma now one of Unisel student . Hahahahaha . first thing i wanna say that its really tired to be one of them . but sometimes it fun .. i got new friend from different state and race . its very awesome experince . kenapa tak dari dulu lagi aku jadi student U . well . imma now be one of them . apa yang aku merepek ni . oh my god . tade gambar yang aku bole post at sini lak . tak sempat nak snap picture diaorang . sebab time orientasi hari tu aku tak berapa sihat . so  i cant post anything .